Installation & Replacement

Boiler Installation Services

As a full service boiler contracting company we offer boiler sales and installation services. This includes new system installation, and replacing boilers. With over 25 years of experience we've successfully managed projects from routine installations to some very challenging situations. We have the resources and capabilities to handle virtually any type of boiler project. Here are reasons you should choose our company:

  • Design Consulting: There are numerous considerations for determining the best boiler system for your project. For replacements this goes further to consider obstructions to access the work area, existing utility infrastructure, upgrades to meet building codes and more. Our boiler installation experts can guide you throught the process.
  • Project Management: Planning and managing your boiler scope-of-work is very important. A poorly developed scope-of-work can drop in your lap a lot of headaches. This usually results in a lot of frustration for everyone, plus time delays and cost over-runs. We can manage the entire process and leave you to focus on running your facility.
  • Post-Installation Services: Having a relationship with our company will prove to be very beneficial. We offer boiler maintenance and repair services. When we install and maintain your boiler you avoid any future conflicts over "bad installation work". Additionally we know your system, can get repair parts, and provide exceptional maintenance and repair service.
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Boiler Replacement

The need to replace a boiler is something a lot of business owners will come to face. The number one concern is how to keep the business operating when you're replacing your boiler. We have the solution for doing a boiler replacment project and keeping your hot water flowing on demand.

We're a total solutions provider

First, we can provide a turnkey installation process. Second, we have a patented mobile boiler system that serves as a temporary hot water source.

By managing boiler procurement, project scheduling and field services we can manage a smooth process. We can even remove and dispose of your old boiler. We're boiler replacement experts!

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Examples of Boiler Removal and Installation

Crane Assisted Lifting and Precision Insertion of New Boiler

Precision Insertion of New Boiler

Using a 30 ton crane we were able to unload and move a new boiler into and through a wall opening in an Atlanta medical facility.

Removing Old Boiler from Multi-Story Hotel Roof

Removing Boiler from Hotel Roof

Using a high-lift crane we removed an existing commercial boiler from the roof of a multi-story hotel in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Lifting New Boiler to Multi-Story Hotel Roof

Lifting New Boiler to Hotel Roof

Using a high-lift crane we lifted and placed a new commercial boiler onto the roof of a multi-story hotel in downtown Atlanta, Georgia.

Tandem Low Profile Roof Mounted Boilers

Tandem Roof Mounted Boilers

Installing tandem boilers provides redundancy for reliability, and low profile units are more aesthetically acceptable for this facility.

Boiler Upgrade & Replacement

Boiler Upgrade & Replacement

We replaced an existing boiler with a new and larger boiler. Our installation plan kept system downtime to only a few hours for switchover.

New Large Boiler Installation

New Large Boiler Installation

Using a specialized lift we were able to move a new large boiler into a customer's facility. The skid mounted unit was easily moved into place.