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Temporary boiler rental services by Atlanta Boiler & Mechanical

Boiler Rental Services

We Keep You In Hot Water™

Our Temporary Rental Boiler Systems

Our fully enclosed trailer mounted rental boilers can be installed and providing hot water within hours of your call. We have several configurations ranging from 500,000 btu to 4,000,000 btu output. Our domestic units have onboard potable water storage.

We offer both steam boilers and hot water boilers!

Times you need a rental boiler?

Unexpected catastrophes do happen. When your boiler system fails your facility is seriously impaired. And sometimes it may be needed as a part of an overall plan to manage facility construction or upgrades. In any event a rental boiler can minimize, or sometimes prevent, downtime and keep your facility operating until the situation is stabilized.

Three real life examples of how it works

1. In Atlanta, Georgia a contractor boring a hole under a parking lot hit a main gas line. The subsequent gas leak then started a fire which destroyed the nearby boiler room. Within hours of receiving an emergency call Atlanta Boiler & Mechanical had a rental boiler on site and providing hot water to the 244 residents of an Atlanta apartment community.

2. In Greenville, South Carolina a contractor building a new school was required to maintain heat in the original building for students during construction. The cost effective solution was to call Atlanta Boiler & Mechanical and order a rental boiler and 15 hp circulation pump.

3. In Atlanta, Georgia, a swimming pool at a recreational facility overflows and floods the facility's basement with 5 feet of water which destroyed the boiler equipment. Shortly after pumping the flood water from the basement, Atlanta Boiler & Mechanical installed a rental boiler providing domestic hot water to keep the facility operational.

Rental Boiler 911

Check out the inside of a trailer mounted boiler for emergency and temporary hot water needs.
Interior of a rental boiler trailer.

Rental Boiler 911™ is your fast solution to remedy a boiler failure. If your boiler system is down, or if you need a temporary boiler while you do upgrades or construction, our mobile boiler systems can be delivered and set-up very quickly. Contact us 24/7 to arrange for our Rental Boiler 911™ service.

Atlanta Boiler & Mechanical has full service capabilities to solve emergency situations and provide long term boiler solutions. Our company has developed a proprietary design for trailer mounted boiler systems and has these systems ready for immediate delivery and set-up. Here's a look at our state of the art Mobile Hot Water System.

Need to Rent a Boiler or Get Information?
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Our mobile systems can support small to large facilities
Trailer mounted rental boiler systems at a correctional facility.